3 Poems by Alexandra Naughton

a pretty young some would say attractive some would say fuckable some would say a lot of things but this is not the point it is only to establish a theme.
she wants the help, but won’t settle for feature, sideshow. scratching for bylines and passing gingerly over collected bodies, disfigured, wet with crumpled sugar, mystery boxes at auction.

not aspire to be tangible fruit, a game that sells, aesthetically inferior. a soft individual, picking tropes. there to assist. the only purpose is be sweet, to assist.
Manic pixie dream girl. Manic pixelated dream girl. Manic pixie mean girl. Manic pixie C.R.E.A.M. girl. Manic pixie I’m not your girl. Manic pixie ice queen. Manic pixie drama queen. Manic pixie queen bee. Manic pixie colony collapse disorder.

Manic pixie break down.
Manic pixie break down.
Manic pixie break down.
Manic pixie break down.
Manic pixie break down.

Manic pixie depressive disorder. Manic pixie you don’t really know me.

Manic pixie scream girl. Manic pixie no one’s dream girl. Manic pixie don’t pin me down girl. Manic pixie everybody’s it girl. Manic pixie I’m the shit girl. Manic pixie male protagonist and the real girl. Manic pixie am I real girl.

About Alexandra Naughton

Alexandra Naughton is the author of I Will Always Be Your Whore and My Posey Taste Like. She is the editor of Be About It and can be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

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