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there are two screws in her foot bc she broke it at coachella. she’s never seen aliens bc she was born in 1991. she listens to the killers and watches the office at the same time bc she can. saturdays are usually hard for her and her bf bc they get separated. it’s been two months since she smoked bc of her foot. she gave me an empty book of matches bc she didn’t know. i used to play basketball w her brother

2 & 3.

they’re a package deal. by looking at them you wouldn’t think they’re a couple bc she doesn’t walk w him. no, he walks a few paces behind her waiting for the first one to start. they used to rob ppl until his prizefighting really took off so now they just beat ppl up. she was his waitress when they met at chili’s where he admired her for her speed. this was cool w her bc she admired him for his unemployment. yeah, his unemployment check made her think he’s killing the game


there are times where he feels like a black smith sharpening his blade. the last story he read was set in a desert and it was by jorge luis borges. the story before that was by the same author and set in a maze. rn he’s reading about a guy who gets killed by twin brothers that remind him of breaking bad. his best story is a choose your own adventure about the east bay butcher. nobody knows he has hella kids and he’s working on another thing for near rhyme. sondra reblogs him

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  • Rachel Lindstrom

    jesse, this is wonderful

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