clean clean clean clean
dont get rid of it
cats hit things
cats are hitters
this is the part where we start punching each other
so many bruises
what happened
it looks like i got beat up
dont invite him over again
im sorry
please talk to me
i feel old
i think i saw you as a 50 year old woman
you were hot
you were a hot milf
do i look like a milf now
no i dont want to look like ive already had kids
i think i saw you as a baby
you were a hot baby
i think i saw colors for the first time
could you feel the colors
i dont know
is that a thing that happens
i dont know
look at the sky
i think i have to go to the bathroom
are those related

About Megan Schüirmann

Megan Schüirmann lives in Chicago. She is the author of this is the most comf ortab le place in the entir e world and für ferngully. She has been published by ebenbore haus and gesture. Follow her on Tumblr.

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