walked outside and sang to myself
“i dont recognize myself or my life anymoreeee”
im not doing anything constructive
self hatred
all that shit
i drank a lot of juice
i ate healthy food then i ate unhealthy food
this is how it goes
i shower then i bike around and walk dogs then i sweat
give up on showering
spend money on dumb shit
make tea
drink half of it
forget about it
drink the rest later
think about substances
think about my acne
think about my dumb hair
think about social issues
think about the economy
apply for more jobs on craigslist
make a chaturbate account
text people
take pictures of my cat
watch snapchats from fashion week
change my profile picture on facebook then sit and watch the likes scroll by
like like like like like
lay on the couch
watch 10 min of a tv show then open another tab and watch 10 min of another show
what am i doing
eat more
lay in bed
everything smells weird

About Megan Schüirmann

Megan Schüirmann lives in Chicago. She is the author of this is the most comf ortab le place in the entir e world and für ferngully. She has been published by ebenbore haus and gesture. Follow her on Tumblr.

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