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(a lack of) original thought | Beyza Ozer

(a lack of) original thought

once i read a snapple cap that said half of all snapple
“real facts” are actually fake
229 facts
114.5 is half of 229
how can you have half of a fact?
#171: “the most sensitive parts of the body are
the mouth and fingertips” but
eyeballs have more nerve endings which is far less romantic because i can’t
touch your eyeballs so what’s the point? i am chicago winters and you
are raynaud’s disease. my brain is tangled christmas lights. you are
blue hypergiant star. i am cigarette smoke and you are purple knees. you think
human error is dirty talk and i’m every renounced snapple fact.

About Beyza Ozer

Beyza Ozer is a 19 year old journalism and poetry student at Columbia College. They are the author of i'd rather be watching buffy rn and the social media coordinator for The Lettered Street Press. They can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

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