Alone, maybe, who knows?

The attempt at rejection
Is fulfilling in itself.
Still, it’s a heavy weight.

Jealous thoughts are honest.
The future is as boundless as the lofty heaven(s)
Said the fortune cookie  ; )

They walk together,
Not holding hands.
Because in their minds they’re past that point together

Alone – who knows?
Together though, they’re past that point of being all the things you’ll be alone.
When something better finally comes

Along – who knows?
The food tastes good
Probably because it’s greasy

Everything tastes good
When you don’t think about what’s in it/pretend what’s in it. Doesn’t it?
Still, it’s a not a heavy lie.

About Guy Melvin

Guy Melvin lives in Philadelphia. He has been published in Keep This Bag Away From Children and Have U Seen My Whale. He can also be found on Twitter.

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