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Megan Boyle sent me this awesome annotated book. I can’t imagine reading it any other way. There are over 90 notes inside. Almost on every page. Some notes list the real names of people mentioned, what other blog posts or stories they appear in, and how they reacted to being written about. Other notes discuss editorial decisions, what Megan was thinking while writing something, and her favorite jokes nobody noticed.

I’m only going show a few of them. Send $15 to to get your own copy.

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megan boyle drawing of electric cereal

I’m not very good at drawing things in perspective of other things/ distances/ etc. but I thought I’d try to show you a bucolic sunrise scene of spam, Homer Simpson and Electric Cereal playing a game w/ six cards, a donut, and a six-pack of Poland springs bottled water.

2. everyone i've had sex with megan boyle

we still talk

ran into him at a bar in manhattan a few months ago. he does stuff with publishing. exchanged phone numbers

everyone i've had sex with megan boyle

this incident caused 5-7 high school girl friends to de-friend me on facebook


nah I was making myself vomit on-purpose…for…a long time preceding starting this book

still feel like this


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lol feel like no one notices this

‘how little I knew then..’ (j/k)(kind of) posts megan boyle 82

LIE I asked ‘jakob’ to make out with me and we did and it was weird, mutually agreed on the weirdness, parted ways for a while

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980 on PSAT

was…not that, at this time, definitely

this seems ‘horrible’ to me, like horrible lie to say, surprised more people haven’t called me out on what an insane horrible lie this is posts megan boyle 7

this is out of order/wrote in 2008 on something, was first thing muumuu house published by me on website/ at the same time as ‘everyone i had sex with’

hope these little note thingies aren’t annoying

nah megan, they were great. thank you. posts megan boyle 10 posts megan boyle fb

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