At My First Punk Show Ever, 1998

me & tyler jump into the pit head first even though four older boys got patches that say NO BLACKS & NO QUEERS & between us I guess we got both those covered cuz I flinch & throw my hands over my head when the drum kicks too sharp & I don’t know what could be more black than that & tyler don’t know it but in an alley last month I saw him build a church in the mouth of a boy from cross town who don’t talk to nobody & don’t come ‘round the hood unless he thirsty for a tithe but we up in the pit anyway ‘cuz it ain’t the 70’s anymore what I mean is there ain’t a war always on television what I mean is we came here to see blood like all boys who sneak past their sleeping fathers & crawl out of windows before running into the night with ripped jeans & ain’t all blood the same when bodies get hurled like they in a cheap amusement park ride & some blond girl from bexley gets slick & tries to sneak into the rampage but not before tyler & some other boy grab her by the collar & toss her smooth out & then they high five & through the guitar bending over our heads like an umbrella I hear tyler whisper some things are just unacceptable & then his whole body begins to shake & I tell myself it can only be laughter

About Hanif Abdurraqib

Hanif Abdurraqib is from Columbus, Ohio. He is the author of Sons Of Noah, a chapbook forthcoming from Tired Hearts Press in 2014. His poems have been featured in Muzzle, Radius, Vinyl, Freezeray, joINT, and Borderline. He can also be found on Twitter.

  • bookwormbandit

    I guess…but really, keep practicing, you don’t sound malevolent or malicious…just kinda born way to late for even the hipsters…don’t wanna be snarky…but I don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about…whatever…punk? 1998? Punk in 1998? Hot topic was around by then, sheeeat…no blacks no queers? What tha fuck? The dude needs a mechanism that bad he makes shit up that rings so wooden. Ok, go on the Internet and look up and read back issues or SLASH (78-80) and FLIPSIDE (1980-1982), hell, read even MRR (1982-&5). Watch documentaries…ok, he’s black so watch the Death documentary (a band called death) too. What a low orbit he has…but then again, that space program was long gone and he’s working with commemorative figurines…not his fault…except the lazy part

    • Jeremy Eugene


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