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Alex L. Swartzentruber | Electric Cereal

Author: Alex L. Swartzentruber

NYC Boogies

I don’t even smoke
but my boogies be black
and thick and sticky
and hard to detach
itchy inside
my sinus tract
and when picked out
they always come back.

The First Time I Heard Calypso

Going On Cruises is cool

I went on one with the fam when I was real young

To like the Bahamas and shit

One of those all inclusive things

They brought me a whole big plate of bacon

When I asked for more bacon

Got real excited

Mom took it away


I’d like to go on a cruise now

I’d ask for more beer


Was real scared of falling off the big old thing

Prolly more likely to fall off it now

Drown real hard

Saw dolphins

Saw stingrays

Got real psyched about all that

The palm trees too

Pretty sure I saw boobies

Can’t be completely sure

About anything

Let The Stains Begin

Let the stains begin.
Let the love flow
From loin to loin
From mouth to mouth
Mind to butt
Mind to mouth
Mouth to penis
And same to tits.
Let the groans and
Heaving, rise in the night
Or early morning
Or whenever it is
Let the stains begin.
Let the vagina love
Pour out onto the sheets
Sleep can wait
Let the stains escape.
Let the penis push and
Pull and pour out
Its love all over butts
And bellies and bed sheets.
Let the stains rain.
Let the clouds clear
As we lay together
Asleep and relieved
Beneath the sunrise
Pink outside and inside.

Lou Reed

I saw him eat
One of his last

When I was working
In the trenches.

As a dish boy
In new york city.

Our eyes met
Once or twice
As I carried
Stinking bins
Of my dirty work
Past his table.

Yup that’s him

Looking shriveled
And legendary.

Like my own grandmother
There before me.

A real person
Very near
Me and death
At once.

When he got up to leave the restaurant,
I watched his blue sweatpants
And cane,
His little baby steps
Out the door.