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Alli Simone DeFeo | Electric Cereal

Author: Alli Simone DeFeo

Alli Simone DeFeo is a poet/visual artist living in New Hampshire. Their poetry was featured in The Yolo Pages. Follow them on tumblr and twitter.

Slippi #1

I return in five hundred years with soft body
only hush of earth I am grass, have grass
memory pomegranate leaves spread open
wide palm leaves crying something
soft and heavy of fathers giving birth
I spit into my rain the smell of semen

Did you notice I was holy

Another Slippi

brush myself, wrap myself
tucked deep I fold down under into night,
into damp dirt fall undress me down beneath pink light

I find hair in my stomach
I find blonde hair in my guy come out through the mouth

Born moon soft cusp born small give birth to wild,
lilac mare call planet of,
I, improbable apple orchard give back,
mercury does transgress into a sun.

Release the body forward path,
a face slid off the table and landed in
wet grass,
I to be touched or tucked, I am wet with earth
in thighs,
A cool night cut rose pink