Author: Ashlei Selden

Ashlei Selden is a poet living in Virginia. Follow her on tumblr.

untitled #1

I am thirteen years old when my aunt sits me down and tells me
that we all have demons, but that someday, someone’s will play well with mine
I didn’t think she was right, but it’s been years,
and while tangled together under the sheets,
you tell me that we have more in common than we both think
and I can’t help but wonder if this is another way of saying that our demons departed from
ourselves, only to intertwine with each other.

untitled #2

Skin to skin
I am neither here nor there
Too close is still distant, nonexistent for now

My hands know your anatomy so well
When I trace my nails lightly against your skin, it is an act of mental cartography
I am catching up for the years your body wore with you before I was able to