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Astoria Felix | Electric Cereal

Author: Astoria Felix

Astoria Felix is from Toronto. Her site can be found at astoriafelix.com. Her twitter is @astoriafelix.


daddy, i inherited your teeth and they are rotten.
with chewing gum i stick them into tender sockets.
the neighbor collects them to create trinkets.
he sells them in the back of matte vans
with dyed scarves of chiffon and cotton.


In an oiled oak box reliquary
Eyelashes lay while pilgrims kneel and pray
Crying, it’s a miracle they weren’t destroyed in the flames

In the morning they are combed out and waxed
Curled with an iron wand, sharp as satan’s tongue
Spiced rum is laid out

I will damn you all to purgatory
The first sinner before me sacrificed his
Rib, a pair of brown eyes and a lobe of liver

I will make no promises or break any binds
Flesh of latex inflated by a leaf blower
He is no more human than I

I will damn him for playing with that old dirty boot
And placing it on the crown of my head
My body rotted a long time ago

Bees sucked the meat and filled the carcass
With dripping honey comb
I will damn him for peeling open the blossoms of my nipples

He took each petal and laid them in the sun to dry
collecting them for his leather bound diary
I was never able to blossom again

This rot is my beauty
place your lips over this rot
and suck out the spores

My oak box is made of pine
each eyelash is only trimmed horse hair
all that is left of me is an atom within a piece of pollen
kneel before me

angel gut

that summer
bronze bodies with fine prepubescent golden hairs
bleached from sun and poor sunscreen application
glittery arms in Claire’s
that rollerball smooshed against the growth of forearm hair
wearing too silky limited edition pajamas that were a birthday gift
soap bars with jelly bands in them
(different colours meant different sex things you performed)
spreading myself on a late night friday bus
                       i am speeding
                       i find flaws in everyone i meet
pissing on myself in an empty tub
i look at floral tiles and am reminded of Lolita