Author: Bianca Martin

Bianca Martin is a writer and musician in Melbourne, Australia. She plays drums in a feminist punk band and has been published in The Bohemyth, Lip Mag, and Mary Journal. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.


I have crooked teeth and freckles on my shoulders and I’m not graceful in the
way I eat stone fruit.

My hair is dry and more often than not I get dandruff.
I’ll take 20 photos of myself and then delete them all anyway.

Sometimes I snort when I laugh and then try to make up for it by either being completely silent or totally loud for 15 minutes or more.

I’m never NOT multitasking. I’m not self-disciplined and I’m always missing deadlines.
I’ve been known to go for days without brushing my teeth or hair.

I eat in bed and not just “occasionally”.

I stay in the bath until the water is lukewarm 
And my skin is so wrinkly it feels like it will fall off
Even though I’ve got mould in my shower, and the trashcan in my bathroom is
full of blunts.

I sing off key, and not in an endearing way.

I overeat and complain about my looks.
Then spend days in bed berating myself for wasting time.

It’s All About Foresight

i’m thinking
about how you would have had to:
           go out and buy the rope
about how you:
           went to a store and looked at the choices
           and decided which was best
           to suit your needs

i’m thinking
about how you would have had to:
           pick the place
and how you:
           would have to know which tree was high enough
           and sturdy enough
           to suit your needs

i’m thinking
about how you would have had to:
           make sure that it was clear
           that it was no accident
           no rash decision
           or moment of panic