Author: C.A. Mullins

C.A. Mullins is the author of one novella entitled Seven Legged Starfish as well as two collections of poetry and short prose. He runs a small independent publishing house called Bottlecap Press out of his home in Missouri, but does much of his writing on the road, from New York to Alaska.


Have you considered the possibility of the soul as a parasite?
higher dimensional entities crashing in our bones
whose subjective experience is separate from ours

creatures who hijack our neural pathways
whose reality only crosses over into our own in dreams & cetera?
Have you considered the possibility that we are all possessed by demons
and that they, not us, are the ones who are alive
that the ones who will carry on in our stead when we perish
are not our own minds, but the entities calling us host
If you have yet to consider the Thetans
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that will follow you from this world to the next


my grandmother
who believes that jesus personally makes
her favorite team win at baseball
and personally makes the other teams lose
said something about ferguson today
and it reminded me of a former schoolteacher
i met when i was a bag boy
who quit her job in the 60s
when the schools desegregated
and i wonder if that woman also believed
that jesus personally made
her favorite team win at baseball