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Caitlyn Gilvary | Electric Cereal

Author: Caitlyn Gilvary

Caitlyn Gilvary has been published in Thought Catalog and The Anthologist. She can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr .

Oedipal Underwear

You lost power the less you wore.
Dropping to the floor from chubby thighs
your black panties – just black panties.

They remind me of my mother.
(in an abstract way).

You left them in my bedroom.
The sun, through sleepy-eyed blinds, trapped them
in a latticework of shadow on the floor.

I forgot my mother, touched myself instead.


There are too many teeth in my mouth.
I don’t know how it happened.
I think I’ve taken someone else’s.
While we were kissing.
Or while I was drinking.
Or while they were sleeping.

I’ve stolen the teeth of my lover
One by one as he slept.
He woke angry and slobbering,
My lover nonetheless.

I can’t open my mouth
because all the teeth will fall out
and I won’t know which are mine.