Author: Catch Business

Catch Business is a person and a poet living in Oakland, CA. Previously published work can be read in The Bohemyth, Be About It #8, WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE and in the upcoming print journal from Similar Peaks. blog:

my head feels like your head

hasn’t it been established

i stumble on words
and you help me up

every line is more than
time to go to your house

in the car giving myself
a pep talk for your room

over and over i say for you
over and under you take me

to your friend’s house
where they throw parties
i would have never heard of

self sacrificial saint

in a tube with paper
streamers all around us

it takes practice not to
let in our words

sometimes you have to
press your hair to my face

do you love me yet?
now convinced to convince you

the wreckage to my relationship is art
the foundation of my relationship is art

that was probably in an article online
or i would have never figured it out

what i learned in high school

afraid of making a mistake
able to
always will
take pictures & post them
after deliberate deleting

i ran out of things to think
so i focused on typos and just trying
tags as typos on every wall

heating it up
too soon to
dish it out

i can keep up
without studying

no more
sitting and staring
at a screen

i think we need to get together
wherever we can
look at each other
close enough to see
the sweat

we’re too many degrees apart and
too many disagree to make this decision
for us
so simple math may not solve anything