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Chris Jordan Winfield | Electric Cereal

Author: Chris Jordan Winfield

Chris Jordan Winfield lives in Virginia. He can be found on Facebook and Tumblr.

new settlements (for lou reed)

a sandy scene,
sun shining like the early
glass the ground will form to
in a few hours. we’re
digging a well ‘cause
we’ll need water.

but what are the things we’ll really need?
we’ll be washingtons
and jeffersonians
and bostonians and
nobody will fuck with us.

we’ve been burying
our heads. now we
take pride in our work.
that’s our five word mantra.
you all aren’t fit to
eat our dust.

I am now living free from metaphor

we could fantasize about the
future and kind of really mean it.
we could plan a vacation and
have no way to pay for it.

we could recognize each other
for the prodigies that we are and
we could plan and plan and plan and
never do anything.

i could fall asleep, and you
could be there too but if
my meaning is obscured,
that’s just because it’s hiding
beneath the sheets.

my sweet release,
let’s calm down and
take a break. i just
want to wake up early tomorrow and then
do the same thing for the rest of my life.