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Claire Gordon | Electric Cereal

Author: Claire Gordon

Claire Gordon lives in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been published in New Bourgeois and Fried American.


every time you come home later than you say you will (which is a lot) i think you’re cheating on me
apparently the body encourages us to pee
immediately after sex to eliminate any
potential pathogens

i resist it because it sounds like a distancing
dancing with a stranger
parsing out flirtations
learning how to date you all over again: exhausting
i’ll do it because i don’t have a choice
because i love you

tell me that your translation of identity
won’t write over me (but it will)

i want to be taken out and be drunk
dunked and submerged in summer sex
i’d let you do what it takes to
fuck me in the ass
stop talking about it and do it
i’m tired of objects with no agency

i think you’re beautiful darling
i don’t want to neuter you in language


i could fuck you inward
you come inside yourself like a nautilus

that french omelette
at the place
downtown     in a casing of brick and morning-light
a perfect turn of the pan
strong dark coffee             steam spiraling
from an empty cup

what if you could only have a modicum
of what you desired


          he looks like           a mission from god

          a real pretty mouth
                      sniffing glue

          put your lips together and blow
I could’ve been        a contender

but we’re all going to hell
          on our knees

          your sister can’t handle
                      sweet cock
                      in the morning

you are          my naughty ass


                      go ahead
           fucking show me your eyes
frankly, my dear you’ve gotten lucky

kiss the fairest one of all
I’m ready for your wet clit

           I want to tongue
                      and blow an angel body

           moan close hot slow

quiver your heels