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Dalton Day | Electric Cereal

Author: Dalton Day

Dalton Day is an editor of FreezeRay Poetry. He is the author of the collection Supernova Factory as well as the chapbook Fake Knife, forthcoming from FreezeRay Press. His work has been featured in Banango Street, Jellyfish, and Heavy Feather Review, among others. He can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

Poem Ending With a Line From Annie Clark

Just like every other summer I died.
I was buried in the dirt & from my knees
grew flowers. Bees did their best with me.
I was splintered and shared. I was given back
to trees. Under the moon I became smoke.
I drifted without precision against the stars.
I enjoyed the presence of my own hair.
I found something I enjoyed less than being
bewildered by a body. Just like every other
summer I disappeared and waited to disappear
again. But you found me. But you dug me up.
But you cut the trees down. But you gathered
the stars like apples, burning. But you let me
die, and then didn’t. You touched my flowers.
Your skin was the same temperature as the air.

Igloo Songs #1-23

igloo songs by dalton day

Held Still (after Wangechi Mutu)

Actually, it’s not very
to leave the ground.

All you must do,

(which is all I must do as well
we are so much the same particles)

is stop relying on sound.

The sound of your mother slicing
tomatoes, which is untrue.

The sound of your dog entering
your house for the second
to last time

Light does not need sound,

(though the opposite is overwhelming
in its factualness)

and before long you will be dead
so gasp on air
while the getting’s good.

Actually, just use wings

(I don’t understand why you didn’t
think of that before)

& most importantly,
act surprised when you fail.