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Davis Land | Electric Cereal

Author: Davis Land

Davis Land lives in Texas. He is the author of hershey bar pie. He is the vice-president of MicCheck and the poetry editor of The Eckleburg Project. He has been published by Metazen and Be About It. He can also be found on Tumblr.

poker night

my friend and i played cards in
a mobile home in east texas woods

soon after i realized my hands were cauterized
all over
and yesterday

he disappeared right up into his bright red bicycle deck
and now he is burning following

            the stupid good god mindbend beating he got from
the girl

and now he rides down
in his cardboard room on wheels beating
himself in head along

rickety asphalt
hard to hold the cards with the burned hands
           (i would know)
especially when you’re at

the same size as them
so he just grabs the steering     hopes
to move along with it
just survive

so my ex texted me today and then when i responded she never texted back

my friend put death grips on my spotify playlist
in this song there is a bass noise that swells back up on beat and sounds threatening
now there are other bass noises

last night i was in houston
and as i was leaving the streets were empty,
all the streets normally full of cars

now there is a treble noise i would describe as
but it is nothing like a police car

i feel obligated to be myself by everyone and it is scary and threatening
because i don’t know what myself is
i said “it is” previously because i cannot remember the “it’s” “its” distinction

now a new death grips song is on
i think they are sampling a genre called “beach rock”

what is beach rock, really
i hate beach rock for the most part

The Maoist Revolutionary


When the Maoist revolutionary arrived at the cafe he and his girlfriend were the only ones there. There was mood lighting. The mood lighting was mostly blue. There were blue curtains and blue tablecloths. There was a fish tank but the light in the fish tank was green. This cafe is trying to trick me into believing that water is green, the Maoist revolutionary thought. He was uncomfortable with the mood lighting.

He and his girlfriend sat down at a table and a waiter came from what seemed to be nowhere to learn the drinks they wanted. The Maoist revolutionary wanted a Coke. His girlfriend wanted water. When the waiter left the Maoist revolutionary’s girlfriend told the Maoist revolutionary he should not drink as much soda and drink more water. The Maoist revolutionary passively said that he should drink less soda but right now was not the right time to drink water because the blue mood lighting and green fish tank were making him uncomfortable and drinking soda while around something that made him uncomfortable would make him associate drinking soda with being uncomfortable and therefore he would drink more water, later.

More people entered the cafe and he noticed that the streetlamps outside had turned on but the sun was still mostly above the horizon.

“That’s not how association works. I’m thinking of becoming a computer hacker,” said his girlfriend.

“Everyone is a computer hacker.”

“I want a tattoo that says ‘computer hacker.’”

“If you get the tattoo you won’t have to learn how to hack computers because everyone will believe your tattoo because it is a tattoo,” said the Maoist revolutionary. “Tattoos are like encyclopedias, they are permanent and real, because they are tattoos, just like encyclopedias.”

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