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Electric Cereal | Electric Cereal

Author: Electric Cereal

The Realms of the Unreal – Henry Darger

Philip K. Dick Interview (1979)

Old & Young Porn by Emily Carney

We are excited to announce that Electric Cereal’s first release in 2016 will be a poetry collection by Emily Carney titled Old & Young Porn.

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Published Work

Electric Cereal
Poetry Magazine
Rookie Magazine
The Quietus
3:AM Magazine
Hobart 1 2
Alien She Zine
Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Praise for Old & Young Porn

This collection is how it feels to try out adulthood and repeatedly find that you are both still a child and really good at life. Our hero is joyfully amused by her every raw emotion, and at the world’s absurdity. It made me uncomfortable, but only because it resonates so deeply, so I came out on the other side laughing and less alone.

— Tavi Gevinson, editor of Rookie Magazine

Sara Sütterlin’s Cutty Spot Interview

Lecture on Cicero

A Conversation about Emily Dickinson

A Conversation with Kate Zambreno and Jenny Offill

Virginie Despentes on rape and feminism

Editors on David Foster Wallace

Marianna Hagler reading some good poems