Author: Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster is a writer and photographer living in New York. He is the author of i dont have to talk to me. His work has been featured in, Pony Anarchy, and HTMLGiant. He can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

this is a love poem about someone who doesn’t exist

I wanna kiss you in a way
that consumes all the gross parts
you’re afraid to show me

I wanna eat ‘em up like I fasted for 48 hours
and just stumbled upon a free Chinese buffet

Then throw ‘em up on the curb
next to the bus stop on a Sunday afternoon
in front of your neighbors

I want all of you inside of me

I wanna record our first night together on my DVR
so I can taste you for the first time forever

It’ll be funny I swear

this is going to hurt

I’ve been super gluing
valentines to my inner thighs
feigning true love’s permanence
because after all these
forced euphoric dreams
it seems my heart
has forgotten all our safe words

wet dream

You were in my dream last night
your mouth touched mine
and we just stood there
neither of us moving our lips
it reminded me of
days long since past
when I would press cheap
plastic dolls together
with their stiff plastered smiles
feigning romance
I couldn’t process it then
I can’t process it now
I feel kind of weird

blood vessels

I think my eyelids
are strange looking
I tug on my lashes
to further enunciate
how nervous you make me

I think my voice is too soft
I stutter when I say your name
in between breaths

I think my hands are too frigid
I say it’s due to bad circulation
but I’m not sure if that’s true

I think my lips are too chapped
There was a drop of my blood
stained on your lip
the first time we kissed
You laughed and I was scared


The first time we kissed
it felt like I had
just been bitten
by a rattlesnake
and you were sucking
the venom out of me
swishing my blood
in between your teeth
and spitting it out in the sand


I want to be small again
I want to be smaller than I have ever been
I want to sleep until the next blood moon
in the crevice between the arch of your back and the sheets

I want to feel again
I want to feel every feeling for the first time again
I want to relearn how to track the passing of time
by the smell of you fading from my pillows

I want to see again
I want to see you under every sky
I want to see you always
regardless of the time stamp