Author: Erin Dorney

Erin Dorney is a founding editor of The Triangle. Her work has been published in The Newer York, The Fox Chase Review, and Potluck Mag. She can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

What My Family Thinks Of Your Book I Love

In which, on a recent summer visit to my hometown of Kendall, NY (population 2,700), I ask various members of my family what they think about some of my favorite books. Each book’s cover was examined, and in some cases, books were opened midway and skimmed.

hill_williamHill William by Scott McClanahan

Brother (28, three beers): “This looks so boring.”

Mother (60): “This looks like something I would never want to read. I like nonfiction. I like Dickens. I feel if I tried to read this, I wouldn’t be able to understand it.”

green girl kate zambreno coverGreen Girl by Kate Zambreno

Brother (28): “Looks ridiculously French and prissy as fuck.”

Mother (60): “The cover reminds me of a girl that’s on drugs or who has a weird addiction or obsession.”

Mother (60): “I wouldn’t read this either because I feel that this is a story about every single thing… she’s not just one thing, she’s fifteen things.”

Mother (60): “ Also, it’s too cluttered. Not the cover, the whole book.”

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