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Gustavo Rivera | Electric Cereal

Author: Gustavo Rivera

prose poems by gustavo rivera

Transcendence stems from being rooted, my body has been harvesting this tumor for centuries, poor kids isolated from everyone, the world is more peaceful according to the numbers, the most amount of displacement, war, the length of time, the mark of disorder, the multiverse and all that is vague and expansive, shit looks so sad when you look back.


Tie up your skin, change the way I feel about snooping, my impulse to say I love you, feeding more data into the social contract, I don’t know how to date casually, it’s easier to give a fake address than not give an address at all, the emotional structure of a sixteen year-old, Google knows what kind of porn every American likes, I like to be offered books by new authors I’ve never heard of, there’s no law against creepiness, if it’s good for her then it should be for me as well, you are more susceptible if the face before you appears similar to yours, I don’t use facebook, but I’m a freak.


My application for insurance against terrorism, big-mouthed asshole, bound to piss someone off, unsure why but for some reason I am still alive, such a fatalist, why aren’t there more acts of fanaticism committed by those blinded by poetry? Please bomb a building whose purpose lies in the systematic-institution, in the name of poetry, you are my hero of another good, burn my books, poet-eating thug, it’s a thing that follows up when you think the only reason you survived that day is because you overslept.


Our sense of what counts as our kids has shriveled, early on I realized they didn’t know much, they just grew up learning that black is wrong, rich kids are going to school with other rich kids and poor kids are going to school with other poor kids, I’m the born-free, I was like, ok, everything is alright, I can come out now, did you mean to call people ignorant? I mean unaware, you cannot run away from it, they lack savvy, it forms an integral part, rich or poor have internet phones, kids from rich homes use it for more useful ways, in her experience she can’t trust other people, it mirrors an uneven playing field.