Author: Guy Melvin

Guy Melvin lives in Philadelphia. He has been published in Keep This Bag Away From Children and Have U Seen My Whale. He can also be found on Twitter.

And what I do is drink knives

There’s a piece of my esophagus
Just Swangin’  (Drake Reference)
My father tells me
And what I do is drink knives
By the bucketful
To dislodge myself from this
Piece of renegade me/flesh
And I’ll probably never think of
Something more important to say
Than “I really like you”
So I’ll keep my mouth swallowing
Letting my thumbs express themselves
Across various screens/realities

Alone, maybe, who knows?

The attempt at rejection
Is fulfilling in itself.
Still, it’s a heavy weight.

Jealous thoughts are honest.
The future is as boundless as the lofty heaven(s)
Said the fortune cookie  ; )

They walk together,
Not holding hands.
Because in their minds they’re past that point together

Alone – who knows?
Together though, they’re past that point of being all the things you’ll be alone.
When something better finally comes

Along – who knows?
The food tastes good
Probably because it’s greasy

Everything tastes good
When you don’t think about what’s in it/pretend what’s in it. Doesn’t it?
Still, it’s a not a heavy lie.

And regret jerks you off in the morning while whispering Keith Sweat lyrics into your ear

The north’s ugly, embarrasses you; brings to mind violence, loss, and ignorance
It’s mostly home though
Being better than that
But other than that:
Sitting, worrying, lying, sleeping, eating, clicking,
Typing, drinking, staring, waiting, assuming,
Sitting, shuffling, groaning, agreeing, then forgetting,
Sitting, again. Because life is good: Frustration fucks you every evening.
When Yellowstone lost its wolves
Some elk grew to 700 pounds – gorging themselves on young trees
It became necessary for the wolves to return.
Imagine going home after you decided not to do whatever it is you wanted to do.
And regret jerks you off in the morning while whispering Keith Sweat lyrics into your ear. And it feels nice -Nice, like rolling around in warm laundry – You smell, nice.