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J. Bradley | Electric Cereal

Author: J. Bradley

J. Bradley is the author of the graphic poetry collection, The Bones of Us, with art by Adam Scott Mazer. He lives at iheartfailure.net.

A Love Poem As Directed By George Lucas

Choose the right moment
to breach personal space.

Teach your mouth
to disown all last names.

It will never matter
who kissed who first,
who left no survivors.

A Love Poem As Directed By Quentin Tarantino

You will say ‘fuck’ more
than actually fuck; accept this.

Accept the revenge in a smile,
the slow show of a new lover
in front of the old regime.

The music is always right,
even when your name falls
from a mouth like a spent shell.

A Love Poem As Directed By Uwe Boll

Your mouth is a balcony
with the railing broken.

Your fingers swell
in their lonely upholstery.

Everywhere you look
is an agape back seat.

The sidewalk leading to it
never stops.

A Love Poem As Directed By James Cameron

It begins with fire, a finger
tracing your jaw like an iceberg.

We will borrow stories,
wedge ourselves in the places
willing to our most meaningful pose.

In this scene, your heart escapes.
Its hiss, the last thing heard.

In this scene, you run.
You fill your kneecaps with faith.

In this scene, the fire cascades
through the halls.

We wait for the walls to wear
the best parts of ourselves
we never could.