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Katherine Mudd | Electric Cereal

Author: Katherine Mudd

Katherine Mudd lives in Texas. Her work can also be found on Tumblr.


It was you and it was me
in the garden of Eden.
Chemicals soaring,
only you and me then.

Just us living in Eden
blue skies and shimmery linens
billowing in the warmth of us,
drenched in the warmth of us.

Calling out to Eden,
“don’t take us away from this heaven
that we’ve made
(balances all even).”

Pleading to Eden,
“let my heart need not more medicine”
to cure me from feelings,
oh hopelessly lost..

It’s still you and me in Eden.
Me with pills and you your drink and
illusions of what we were made to
find comfort and believe in.

My New Leotard

I bought a leotard today
and it’s the color of sin.
Diced tomatoes layered on top,
liquid shooting out, pop pop!

My leotard looks fantastic today
hugging my fragile body.
Saran wrap wrapping the bones,
To hold them in place.

I wish I could show you my leotard.
I bought it just today.
A few bucks, well worth it.
But you’re gone now, anyway.

Sheepishly wearing my new leotard,
feeling more grey than black.
Colors feel less vivid without you near.
Fireworks shooting, pop pop!

But the fireworks are black or white
flipped upside down, as my world
the color of sin.
They go pop pop and I fall sobbing.

The Big Bang

And if I commit suicide
before my birth
before my wedding
before puberty

Would time run linearly
bang big big bang bang

Would you kiss me upside (down)
turn the bottle of warm whiskey inside out
turn the toes and the lows around and around

If my fingers trembled before they stood
still, the stars on the painted wallpaper
the stars before we existed

Stars the backdrop to our props
the locked up convict’s wife
the fucked up goldfish bowl
watching the kids stroll
into the fields seen by our great great grandfathers
before all this fucking plastic

The soup bowl
committing suicide
eaten backwards with a backdrop of stars
on the night after the morning

Milk Duds

Milk Duds on top of my unread books
Tattoos glued to my naked wrist
And my heart glued to your hips

The distance is tearing
Broken zippers, day after day
Needing constant repairing

I want you near now
A planet away from Jupiter
“Look at all that space”

Milk Duds counting the space
Separating Jupiter and the others
This candy is rotten, spoiled
(you’re so far away)

The telephone must be broken
The internet must be abandoned
But my heart is still glued to your hips

Tell me “it will stay there”
Putting the Milk Duds back in their troubled place
Putting my heart back in its lost space