Author: Lo Poholek

Laura Poholek lives in Tallahassee. They can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.


I // How I escaped the bomb, or WHAT HAPPENED TO NORMA

There was no bomb originally
or the bomb was Norma
or the bomb was a cup of something
that wasn’t quite something
that wasn’t quite a cup.

But there was no bomb originally,
just stone metal grates and
deep charcoal mushroom clouds and
winter hats to keep it all in.

Just dying mountains and
smoldering bus stops and
love growing in the sewers –

Nothing happened to Norma.
There was no bomb.

II // How I became you, or WHAT HAPPENED TO NORMA

I only became you once you were gone.
And you were only gone because you were with Norma.

Norma               Norma               Norma

Norma is you is me
and I only became you once you were gone.

I was your coffee cup.
I was your hair.
I was your leather jacket
            on the coat hook
            by the door.
I was your nose.
I was your inability to yes.
I was your cigarette.
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