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Louis Packard | Electric Cereal

Author: Louis Packard

Louis Packard can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr


feel like
tackling u in a loving way then
feeling bad
crying into ur shoulder blades then
feeling better
kissing u then
hiding in a shirt
kidnapping u and keeping u hidden in a large shirt
kissing u then
living together hidden in a large shirt
living together
hidden in a large shirt

actually the correct term is Frankenstein’s Monster, u smugly say as they pull the lever

u wake up due to loud construction happening somewhere nearby, in her bed with ur arm around her.  she is still asleep and u move with her sleep motions.  thirty minutes later she wakes up and u kiss her.

“what are u thinking about?” she asks.

u wrinkle ur forehead “um i’m wondering if the construction workers outside are in love, or if they feel scorned or hurt or apathetic.  is there love going into the building they are working on?  has one of them carved someone’s name on a supporting beam?”

she crosses her eyes at u and walks into the bathroom and brushes her teeth.

u walk out to the living room and see that ur friend has left, putting the pull-out bed back together as he left.

she walks out of the bathroom, “where’s ur friend?”

“it looks like he left.”

u walk outside with her and sit on the porch steps as she lights a cigarette.  she offers u a puff and u shake ur head.

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if my room smells like sadness and weed it’s because i’ve been sad and smoking weed

rap music video
of me slowly having a panic attack
and walking outside to have a cigarette
rap music video
of me walking to the co op stoned
holding hands with a girl
in the city that my aunt lives in
my chain is actually literally ice
so please take these pictures and post them onto the proper social medias
before i melt
i need my brand to prosper
and synergy is the path to happiness
i think as i swallow vitamin d pills with lemonade four loko
i can’t blame u not texting me back on robots
because robots are perfect
and i’m looking up cap’n jazz lyrics
on my smartphone
in the lobby of buffalo wild wings