Author: Marianna Hagler

Marianna Hagler lives in Athens, GA. She is the author of the chapbook, Rowdy Teens. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.


people tell me all the time
                       you could work @ party city
people beg me @ least once a week
                       wash away my iniquity, cleanse me of my sin

 we have been talking for a long time abt nothing
you have said
                      LET ME IN! LET ME IN!
but you have not said it to me
      you have said it to yr own self

i want to neck you this instant
under that bridge i will neck you @ once
dry hump me
                      but gentle, while you
      sweat & chant
i am alone & i am thinking i am not alone

mumble stories

POSTED 08/01/15 AT 01:20:21 GMT

tonight i posted three photos of myself to the subreddit community r/amiugly. i called it x-post from /r/whydontboyslove me even tho there is no subreddit community called /r/whydontboysloveme. it is made up. i made it up. haha. i got three responses and two upvotes. one response said i look like i am on drugs. i do not think i look like i am on drugs in that photo but also i think i was on drugs in that photo. i checked his comment history and the last comment he made was on a post in the subreddit community /r/rateme and it said “Small dick.” one comment said i was no troll but he’d love to see how the body might make up for the face. i replied it doesn’t. lmao. he said he loves the female figure and the parts of that figure. also he said peach emoji.

another user said i look average which made me feel ok and i felt like /u/YA_BOOBS_SHOWEMTOME is probably an honest and logical person and not a mean or good person.

then i got a private message from /u/wasssupbuddy which included a photo of himself and asked if he could enjoy himself to my photo. he said he needed permission but i said it sounded a li’l bdsm-y and that those days are far over for me. but i decided not to send that in case he would like it, i didn’t want him to like it i don’t know. then i replaced my tinder picture with the one he (/u/wasssupbuddy) said he would pleasure himself to and i only felt a little nauseated.

once in the tenth grade i wrote an essay about how being ugly isn’t the end of the world and i said that most people are 4s or 5s or 6s which i don’t believe anymore and also i mentioned stephen hawking in some context and it was published in the literary magazine at high school on the last page and /u/YA_BOOBS_SHOWEMTOME’s comment has more upvotes than my post, which is ok and probably honest.

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