Author: Matt Margo

Matt Margo is the author of the book-length poem When Empurpled: An Elegy. He has been published in New Wave Vomit, Small Victories, and HTMLGiant. He edits the Zoomoozophone Review.

the glorious inexplicability of feeling some type of way

watching videos of spiders wrapping wasps in their webs
evokes an active desire to become passively enveloped

the song “lifestyle” by rich gang feat. young thug & rich homie quan
liquefies itself & replaces all of my internal fluids

between zaytoven beats, i hear crickets competing against police sirens
& i feel so content with the entropy of the universe

a spider & a rapper seem to bear the same intention
carving beauty out of rhythm & what’s been inherited from history

i suddenly fall in love with everything whether it will slay me or not
i decide that someday i will offer you the blue of the moon


still a turn-of-the-century man
fourteen years into the twenty-first

with a bag of pills in my pocket
& a lottery ticket left at home somewhere

i hock loogies over bridges & i vote
i lost my hands in the great human war

to all the people who dialed
nine-one-one on nine-eleven

& wept for the skylines
at breakfast the next day

you are here & you are clean
& i want you to come wander with me

away from this place of purple
mountains & shattered glass

to a land of virgin sacrifices
& all-you-can-eat shrimp