Author: Nicola Maye Goldberg


I have no mother
I have no father
I have no face

My heart
is an immaculate machine

I love you so much
I will knock over buildings
I will eat you alive

Look at my scales my wings
Look at my shiny shiny teeth


what a pretty pretty face
what a convincing facsimile of a heart

i grieve in the backseat
and choke on the lights
burning red white green

kissing the concrete teeth
of the stranger
with his hand up my skirt

in the morning i’ll be ten feet tall
solid gold
not sorry for anything

i am having so much fun right now
i am having so much fun


A body becomes a prison like
that. Certain chemicals cast
spells in correct quantities. You
don’t believe in ghosts – Well,
you’ve never met my dad.

A bad idea is blossoming
somewhere under your skull.
You want to bend me
backwards & snap me shut.

What is left you will tie with ribbon
leave by the front door.
                       Tear the skin from the flesh.
                       Tear the flesh from the bone.

Look after your
mom, babe. Look after her now.