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Nika McKagen | Electric Cereal

Author: Nika McKagen

Nika McKagen makes things in Virginia. She blogs at NMKGN.

Love, am i ready?

tried not to use the delete key on my computer today
thought “delete key” to myself twenty times while i gutted an avocado
thought “gutted avocado” while someone licked my cunt
almost laughed, proud that i didn’t. that seems pretty disrespectful
i wish i could quantify the number of people i have lost respect for after they licked
  my cunt
i wish i were better at kicking people out of my house but it’s really fucking hard to
that normally i have no space but i have even less when anyone’s around

Deconstructed elements

ribbed honey my sweet song
dripping latex painless scars
painful fights geese screeching in air
condolences sent along power lines
coal plants’ correspondences to the damp carpet
a younger man’s love shivering in wind
hands crave a whipped back
reverence and a sermon
deer looking really well
deer’s looking really well today

The weight of the image

cucumbers yielding against rays and rakes
tomato a reproduction of your cock’s first breath
“you” not like lavender but like a fresh subscription
you speak, you say “queen mary”
never “fuck me”

Taxed with the taste

if i put walls together
i might make a space and
if there’s a space i made
i’d put you in it
and let you decay

if there’s a storm you made
trees and i will fall together
speckled with lightning and
turning forever through
the milky air

if i keep putting walls together
i might make a home and
if you don’t like singing in the shower
you can just stay there until you die
silent as the flow

and if writing and breathing
are not enough for us later
we’ll just go to bed
if we can