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Rachel E. Balla | Electric Cereal

Author: Rachel E. Balla

Rachel E. Balla is a multidisciplinary artist from Philadelphia, PA focusing on photography and creative writing. She can be found on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.

Mosquito Bites

i’m wearing my banged up, bruised up,
mosquito bitten legs and a pair of grass stained shorts
my elbow’s bleeding, i’m not wearing a bandaid
it seems cute to be tough and not feel anything.
there is a 600mg hydrocodone-ibuprofen in my dresser,
about a gram of weed and some extra strength melatonin.
a particularly good cloud catches my eye
it looks like the one we couldn’t think of a name for
that time we were walking home from Taco Bell.
i think that cloud is having an identity crisis,
people keep saying it is so many different things at once
all it’s ever wanted was to be part of a rainstorm
maybe rub up against another beautiful cloud
and make thundering and lightning sounds.


i’m eating cold lentils and broccoli drowned in Sriracha
i like the way it burns my mouth.
the sweat on my brow mocks the sweat on my back
as i rip off my coffee stained work clothes.
my dimly lit room is a good atmosphere
to be studying an .html page about Wicca
and considering growing my own herbs.
feeling the need to take care of something
that can also take care of me.
my iPhone chimes, you sent me a text
updating me on what bugs you saw today
i cant believe how cute bugs are when you talk abt bugs.
it’s rly too hot to sleep or do anything in sweaty sheets.
>how long have i been staring at that glimmer of light?
i lift my legs to the ceiling, and grab at my feet,
roll over onto my side like a worm spinning
around and around in it’s silk.

Cures for writers block: a creative guide

• begin writing an introspective list

• record all inner monologues regardless of content/worth

• go somewhere where u can be alone (preferably the bathtub or the bedroom)

• deprive yrself of sleep, sometimes against yr will

• lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for a few hrs

• discover new features abt ur body/mind

• kiss a person on the lips

• remind yrself you are human

• remind yrself you are selfish

• remind yrself that you are already dead

I’m Trying To Write Less Narcissistic Poems, Sorry

i’m a restless human with her head in the clouds, sorry
just kidding i’m not sorry at all
(although that’s a pretty accurate expression sometimes)
i’m just trying to find some balance in my life oki damn
it feels like my head is completely detached from my physical body,
and is floating somewhere in outer space with George Clooney.
i’m totally lost but it feels cool to mentally check out from a dysfunctional system
that changes too rapidly for me to keep up.
screw that I’m changing too rapidly for everyone else to keep up.

Subconscious Tripping

These indistinct roads we are traveling on,
wherever the destination,
it is not the end.
There’s a map of bodies,
along the way we touch mouths
passing the word along
that everyone is so lost anyway.