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Rao Mendes | Electric Cereal

Author: Rao Mendes

Rao Mendes lives in Brooklyn. His work has been published in Metazen, Internet Poetry, and the Be About It zine. Follow him on Tumblr.


Chapter 1

The universe started. Things were done.
you look out your window trying to find likeness
you can only find images. Everywhere. And the colors are nice.

Chapter 2

You march unto the arms of your father
as if soaring through the waves of God
You hold him shining infinite
You are one.
You are infinite spirit.
Ants work at your feet
Your aunt holds a cigarette
Smoke kind of looks beautiful out free in the air
You wonder if it ever existed inside someone? 

Chapter 3

The most beautiful day of your life
dust mites float in and around your space
on top of the big bed
spilled juice
the sun upon the sheets
dust fairies flying by
you wish you could be part of it
you are it.

Chapter 4

Suddenly you can’t tell a photograph from a memory.
A speck from a giant
a day from the other
smoke from dust.

Chapter 5

The sea breeze teaches you to be.

Chapter 6

The universe is and things are getting done
You look out the window to escape
You want to float out shining through god
Be a speck of the sun
memory is a giant photograph
a day and another
on top of the big bed
the most beautiful fairy 
spills the juice
all around is sea breeze
you wish you were part of it.

** God holds a cigarrette. **

Chapter 7

You are it. 
And the colors are nice.