Author: Rhys Nixon

Rhys Nixon is the author of It’s No Big Deal, I Don’t Mind. He has been published by Metazen, Scum, HTML Giant, Dead Beats, and Entropy. He can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

Shopping Centre

i walk past a shopping mall cafe,
the cheap croissants and lottery tickets
are facing us, and there is a sense
that things are calm, pine scent,
pale green tiles in front of discount travel agency
fluorescent glowing bathroom

i walk past an open bar
there are men inside
i walk past and I look

we are inside the bar
we are inside the cafe
we are inside the discount travel agency
we are inside the fluorescent glowing bathroom

they are playing the rites of spring

Wet Glass

we are heads in glass jars
smashed all over the floor
rolling around using
hair as a mop
trapping the glass

the party keeps moving
people talking
music dancing
i am on the floor


a dog looked at me, walked away
going to buy a dog off amazon after getting something to eat
going wild here on the footpath

send pictures of dogs to strangers
no one sends any back
windows fogged up
cant see inside

what am i doing between tabs i’m not looking at
another day, another empty mail box

no we don’t want to subscribe to your newsletter
no we are happy with our bandwidth
no we don’t care about your coupons
no this letter isn’t meant for us

been waiting outside way too long
yes, it’s exactly what it looks like, more than one train approaching
walk down the street in pajamas, will people even look

they glance and mutter
they really do need to subscribe
looks like their bandwidth is low
probably uses coupons

walking on footpaths, broken rubbish bag
empty milk bottles rolling into gutters

think of picking them up
we don’t, look at the bus drive past
everyone waiting

i can use this, open a store, sell my ideas
watches don’t tell the time, coffee tastes like water

inbuilt spelling mistake maker
automatic Facebook liker
app that answers the door
service that compares all the dogs in your area
white noise dream catcher

if i tackled a police officer would people stop me
or will the police officer step aside

consider this while waiting for a coffee
consider this while you exit the train station
consider that the police officer
didn’t look at you

i walked into traffic and all the cars stopped politely,
the drivers weren’t watching me

if you were waiting for me
i’m sorry about that
it must be the water
can i get a drink

i’ll look at a sad picture and not feel the need to cry
until someone says ‘wow that made me cry a lot’

we’ll walk to the bank
take all our money
throw it on the road
watch cars drive over it
pick it up and deposit it again

don’t worry about it, honestly,
i’ll make sure to stand up straighter
and meet up with friends

we’ll be the friendliest people
on the end of our street
in our complex
in our combined bank account
linked to our insurance company

bury my face in funny videos
don’t want to know anymore
turn the volume down here so i wont be noticed

give up sleeping
stay up every day
everything feels blue
we won’t be photographed


old man with the bins
taking forever with them;
please don’t look at me.

open a book,
flick through the pages;
sigh, and put it down

looking at a dog,
the dog was looking at me;
it walked away

loud truck drove past,
heard a car backfiring;
my bike tyre is flat

google search for pets,
google search for adoption;
close the computer

i can hear a sigh,
i don’t know how to stop it;
we let out a sigh

I Wrote A Poem And Put It On Facebook

i wrote this poem while doing the dishes
i put it on Facebook
like this poem for another poem
i poured my heart into this
i hope you like it
send it to your friends
the dishes are soaking
cold soapy water
my coffee tastes bland
too much milk
yes I did just write this poem
it’s a work in progress
thank you
i have to use the bathroom
my place is so cold
i want another coffee
i can smell the grass outside i think
the landlord hired a gardener
i have allergies
more hot water into the sink
let the dishes soak
wait for more likes
i have a pretty good heater
i sit right under it
but then I get too hot
i have to walk around to cool down
someone liked my poem
i’ll do a few more dishes

Haikus In Back Forest

It has been raining
Water flowing on the road
My toilet won’t flush

i went for a run,
found ten dollars on the road,
but then I lost it

saw an old lady,
she was waiting for the bus,
it drove right past her

old man lives next door,
smoking and coughing all night.
what’s his name again?

at the laundromat
i don’t have the correct change
disgusting wine breath

my cousins birthday
‘have a happy birthday, man!’
close his Facebook page

Cute Dogs Playing On Trampolines

How to use chopsticks
i sent u a video
Lentil soup recipe
did u get it?
Curried lentil soup
its a cute puppy playing on a trampoline
How to cut an onion
yeah it’s cute
How to practice using chopsticks
did you see that thing
Vegetarian cookbook PDF
It was a link
Vegan cookbook PDF
oh i put the bin out
How to grow herbs in an apartment
It’s no big deal
Price of milk
we need new bandaids btw