Author: Ryan Bry

Ryan Bry lives in St. Louis. He can be found on Twitter.

i could put Listerine Paper anywhere

i like you
can you be more corporate
like food

hey so i’ve been wondering
about this mousepad island
i feel inane red glow

omg statues are so boring
just die

the manager is on her way
breathing photo-fluid
distributing candies

fuck mousepad island
this is underwater
turn the hibiscus off
i drown more

look at the park, it’s creepy nice

look at the park, it’s creepy nice

the grasses are dangerously mobile
the stereo twists my knee under
why would you do that
the fountains are fixed

are we going to dinner?

i can see
vitamin mold mountain
make me sad
and understanding

can i wear a jacket?

you look half-health
you videogame hero
please defeat me
make me nice

why haven’t you been crying?
even my nail-filers cry

will they have free parking