Author: Sara Sutterlin

Sara Sutterlin is a writer living in Montreal. She curated and edited the anthology WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE, which features 34 women poets. Published work can be found in the Chapess zine (4&5), in the Altar Collective (vol 2) and other places around the web and in zines. She can be found on Twitter and Tumblr. She makes chapbooks and ebooks the are available here: heroincookies

He looks like Tchaikovsky

he looks like Tchaikovsky
autographed the lower
part of my back
with cum
watching True Romance
I know the violence
he was born with

an Iranian man once told me
the Italians invented the
French language he’d been milk fed in the
black hills of South Dakota

sometimes I think it’s all about
where you plant the flag
a wet spot on my shirt

I am a bad dinner guest

I am a very bad dinner guest. Chopping off my hand with a butcher knife! (My elbows did not touch the table once.) A bloodied tablecloth, a phone vibrating in my pocket. “Why are my hands shaking?” I ask with disgust for my own body as I attempt to shove the tip of a key into my nostril. He places a hand on my knee and I shake off his affection. I wipe off the backwash from the rim of my wine glass with a disinterested finger while I nod politely; EVERYONE’S GETTING PUBLISHED NOW! EVERYONE’S GETTING FINGERED NOW! I cross and uncross my legs. I turn to him and ask him if he thinks they’ll still be able to re-attach my hand if we wait until after dessert.