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Sebastian Castillo | Electric Cereal

Author: Sebastian Castillo

Sebastian Castillo lives in New York and Philadelphia. He has been published in Shabby Doll House, Metazen, and Everyday Genius. He makes pop music. He can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.



Whereas most clowns comport themselves in such a manner so as to entertain their audience, Busto bullies his audience: ordering them to laugh, or to be silent.


I know this small man that rides around inside of a plastic globe.

It’s snowing outside and my nose is still tipped with a hue. I tried digging out my car but it was useless. Now I’m drinking expensive whiskey, which was a gift from someone.

This man is extremely proficient at his riding.

When it snows, I try not to leave the house, but it doesn’t make a difference for him. He suggests that it’s more fun to ride around when it snows.

People’s faces look concerned, tormented even.

Everything is an amusement park ride, he says to me. The world becomes a way to bear it more interestingly.

The small globe man likes to drink coffee when riding around in the snow, but in fairer weather drinks tea.

Coffee possesses a certain brutality. It grants presence to the carnival of water insinuating itself into people’s daily methods of coping.

The snow outside looks like quiet shards of sawdust.

A woman told me her jacket smelled like a dog today, he says to me.

Usually, this woman wouldn’t be speaking to me, he says.