Author: Szilvia Molnar

Szilvia Molnar lives in New York. Her work has been published in Little Brother, Butterfly Knives & Sea Salt, and The Bohemyth. She can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

Have at it

When you have cut, torn, burnt and broken up with your body
When you have kissed and made up with your body
When you have shaved and you bled
When you have cried happiness because you don’t want a child
When you have kept quiet and let Him fuck you
When you have cursed your mother
When you have dreamt of a father who won’t ever exist
When you have left a man for the other
When you have left a country for another
When you have laughed until your tears folded
When you have understood that everyone who is not a man is your sister
When you have done all of this, been able to get up the next day and thrown yourself over your first breath, that’s when you know you are a woman, and that you haven’t won.
Not just yet.