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Tim Paggi | Electric Cereal

Author: Tim Paggi

Tim Paggi lives in Baltimore. He is the author of Work Ethic. He has been published in Potluck and What Weekly. He can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.


I’m like Atlas, but my globe
is my education.
Listen to my broke tale:
better yet, why not
read my debt-paean,
not featured in Ploughshares.
I’m an expert in the field
of high sodium consumption,
a guru in the sector
of contemplating chain-smoking.
I transcend the power of now,
chanting “Adderral, Facebook,”
kneeling within my cathedral
of the Immaculate Migraine.


Some call my disorder
an attention deficit.
I prefer to diagnose it
as a forcefield for what bores me.
I forgo epiphany
to attain abyss and cola.
I buy to look less fat,
more with the time, more overjoyed.
My outsides surprise me
in the dressing room’s mirror.
Not only do I hate me,
I’m aware that I hate me.
My insides are worth nothing
but their weight in spirit junk.