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Beach Sloth enters the mind of Theo Thimo | Beach Sloth

Beach Sloth enters the mind of Theo Thimo


A lot of people enjoy asking artists about their influences, what inspires them to make that art, and how they see their art evolving. The assumption being that a reader actually cares about that sort of stuff. What readers do not know about assuming things is they make an ass out of you and me. Maybe those readers are so well read they never would have thought about a cliché, yet clichés are all around and prevalent in modern day society. I sat down to ask Theo Thimo some questions. Some of them actually deal with a piece of writing. Many of them were totally random things I thought up and thought “Hey maybe Theo Thimo could answer this is in a funny way”.

1. Theo Thimo, a lot of your work explores the space between the digital and real. In your most recent work you discuss these friends wondering about you from a far. How does it feel to be so close to your fans (via the Internet) yet so far (via the distance lifestyle)?

thank u so much and great great question, i have so much respect for u and for electric cereal, what a great publication and I’m so proud to be a part of it and also i am so proud to be getting asked questions by beach sloth because i have so much respect for him and I’m good too, thank you.

2. What is the first memory you ever had of a lawn mower?

i saw a conceptual art piece that was just like, a lawn mower when i was like 7

i think my earliest lawnmower memory maybe involves an earwig tho

3. Is excessive online consumption a necessary evil in order to accurately connect with people or is it hanging out in real life that is a necessary evil in order to make a living?

excessive online consumption isn’t evil and it’s good actually and great and people should be using the internet more than they probably are, and i need be constantly chatting with people on fb/throughout the day on my phone, it feels rly good to feel connected w/ all ur friends and i highly recommend it to everyone, its good

4. A long time ago I saw “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Garden State”. For some reason those two movies are interconnected yet I think “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is way better. In “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” he’s all like “oh no I’m losing my memories, damn this seems bleak” and in “Garden State” he’s all like “oh no I’m in New Jersey I’m Zach Fucking Braff, I just missed the Path Train, seems bleak.” Honestly though what are your opinion on those two hallmarks of EMO cinema?

I’ve never heard of garden state but eternal sunshine was rly weird and confusing and usually jim carrey plays funny characters but he was hardly funny in this movie, it reminded me of inception kind of, its probably my all-time fav film next to donnie darko

5. Do you think people are ashamed of their existence? How can people overcome the loneliness that is associated with life? I ask you because a lot of your work is incredibly life-affirming in a way that I do not get from a lot of what I read.

i don’t think people are ashamed of existing, i think i wrote that bc i thought it sounded cool at the time p sure.

loneliness is real and it cannot be overcome, maybe in the future tho

life affirming is good, im rly interested in the feeling u get when u get a text or a facebook notification

it’s great, and it feels really synthetic to me, like laughing and how they say it makes u live longer, thats what it’s like.

6. Back when you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

i wanted to be a cop, comedian, movie maker, guy who works at an airport, maybe i thought about being a writer but i can’t remember really, i remember i wrote/directed a play in 4th grade once, the teacher wrote “A+” on it instead of the usual “100%”

7. How do you feel about repetition in work? Like it is good to have constantly cyclical themes in any piece of art (visual, music, and writing) or is it better to be constantly innovating? Or is it better to combine the two to have a gradual evolution from repetitive structures?

if i like something about an idea, or like someone’s name, or like a phrase, ill just keep reusing it, it still feels good/exciting to me and i don’t really care, coming up with new ideas isn’t really that important, and if u want to explore things more then you should, i guess ^^

8. Are a pro or anti Tupperware kind of guy?

this question is about like plastic containers, i was really confused at first. i don’t think I’ve ever bought tuppewave so i can’t say i support them until after i look up what charities they donate to

9. Can artwork ever be finished or is it always constantly changing according to shifts in taste, style, and subject matter?

i never know when a story or anything i make is finished. i usually just work on it until I’m bored and submit it or upload it to scribd or something, usually whenever i go back and read old stories i feel neutral or mildly bad about all of them, it’s usually just fun making/uploading, it’s not fun to read them so I’m always just editing whenever i go back through them, idk if this answers the question/idk the question

10. One thousand years into the future: do you think the world will be ruled by cats or by hybrid cat-spider creatures?

i used to not like cats but i have this cat now and now i love cats a lot and even write poems about my cat because he’s really really cute, i have so much respect for cats, i feel like it makes a lot of sense why the egyptians worshipped them, and i love how androgynous cats’ personalities are. when I’m hanging out with dogs i feel really emasculated they’re like big frat jock dogs or something, cats act dominantly towards me in a very gender-neutral way and i appreciate it so much

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