Animal Problems

Animal Problems by Katie Foster


ISBN: 978-0996303606
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Katie Foster’s poems are like a beautiful animal with an enlarged heart. Here is a writer who is both unafraid and terrified to live in a body—like all of us. You will see yourself in these poems. They’re heartbreaking, hilarious, and entirely human.

– Alex Dimitrov, Begging for It

Imagine a stampede of animals through your brain. That is Katie Foster’s poetry. A lion’s savage roar in your heart. A bird’s intimate song crossing your sight. A smell of earth and sea spoken on the poet’s tongue, a poet who fervently bares her teeth, flashes her nails, and unravels her verses to enclose you in the real and the unreal. Imagine, but don’t be afraid. It’s time to embrace Katie’s beasts.

– Luna Miguel, Bluebird and Other Tattoos

Me as You

You like to think
of yourself as someone
else so I made a copy
of your face & I put
the copy over
my face. Now when you
kiss me you kiss you.
When you kiss you you
use too much tongue. Always
too much tongue. As for me
I wear you. I take you
off. I wear you.

I Change Men into the Shapes of Beasts

I know man
is a beast & I trace

a fingernail from his pelvis
to his throat, all a hairy line.

This turns him outside
in & the beast made evident.

How to be a Leopard Slug

First grow some jelly from inside your skin
then push it out in threads and make a rope.
Use this rope to ooze your way up a tree
(think of bark hard against your soft small self).
Choose a mate you really want to fuck –
they will make the hard bark hurt go away.
Say their name ten times out loud (in slug).
This will surely get their jelly going.
Now take your rope and touch it to theirs
and now it will feel super super good.
Fall from tree together held by slimy rope
dangle fucking in mid-air, something else
begins to grow: glowing blue blooms from inside
bodies, blue, you’re blue, everything is so pretty
you’ve fucked a jungle lamp into being
you’ve come, you’re falling, inelegant end.
Hit the ground in a bed of fallen leaves.
Carry your rope behind you, hear it squish.
Girl slug in love is girl slug undone.