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Baveuse by Sara Sutterlin | Electric Cereal
Baveuse Cover 2

Baveuse by Sara Sutterlin


ISBN: 978-0996303637
Retail Price: $13.95
Paperback, 84 pages
8 x 5.25 inches

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BAVEUSEa Québécois expression (feminine singular)

  1. wet, drooling, dripping
  2. arrogant, cocky, cheeky against authority


Sara Sutterlin’s Baveuse is Ariana Reines meets Eileen Myles meets Mira Gonzalez, and yet, there’s nothing quite like it. Cutting, intelligent, lyrical and sharp, this book should be on everyone’s nightstand and in everyone’s heart.

– Chloe Caldwell, Women

Reading Sara Sutterlin’s poems almost feels like playing Russian Roulette: Every line has the potential to ruin you. Her poetry is sparse, methodical and often centered around small moments of clarity as she struggles to reconcile love, beauty, truth and the desire for safety in a world in which it’s probably wiser to consider all men guilty until proven innocent. This is a work that fully embodies its own slogan: All good art is revenge.

– Guillaume Morissette, New Tab


Vulgar displays
of my tenderness
and devotion

Your labored movements
in the dark

I only touch your hands
when I feel guilty

Wine Mouth

Sits on the balcon
crosses and
uncrosses her legs
Pretends this is
her first glass of
vin de dep
Is looking for a weed daddy
says she means it
rarely does.

Crowned with pity

God is chaos
and so
I <3 God

Little deaths begin
to pile up
inside me,
inside you

I was a
tender object
living in your house