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@theoooeooo: selected tweets

Drugs in the morning lol

I love that sleeping is free. I want to write a lot about sleeping

I love it i love it

I dont like doing things laughing so hard

im so entertained by how much of an asshole i am lol its like a trainwreck its amazing im so proud why am i sweating lol

feel chaotic as a person for no reason

Wish i wasnt on drugs so i can deal with the real world more

I just cant do this lol

My concept of reality seems really fucking tragic at this point laughing so hard

Just got fired lol

Laughing my whole day is great guess im free to do things today lol

i can’t believe it’s legal for me to use the internet

im just so filled with love haha laughing so hard

whole thing

have i parsed
the dark unacceptable
planes of my identity effectively
on all my 

social media accounts?
or is it as clear to everyone as it is to me
that even backed out of 

or clicked into or minimized
there is no
full girl here?

i’m afraid to leave my mind unwatched

i feel like the shadows will shift on my face
any minute
the slow reveal of
oh you don’t belong here


prelude prelude prelude

then: the brief mention

of light


no, not

prelude prelude prelude

then: the brief mention

of light

no, not

threshold after threshold

then: the crossing


no, not

silence cusping song

but singing!


(the heart, with

one foot ever-lurching 

for the last
              stair, where

Death’s welcome-

mat, stitched with little roses

waits for the sole 

of your shoe


a ubiquitous threshold

of light—


i refuse to wear the shoes i wore to the hospital
to eat non-organic berries
to piss in bars

i won’t make decisions on the full moon anyway
when my bed is red
with my dizzy eyes

i refuse to wear the shoes i wore to the hospital
to shake hands with excess lotion
to drink red wine

i’d rather drink the milk my mother made me
when she was pregnant with my brother
and i, infantsick

i refuse to wear the shoes i wore to the hospital
i am the clammiest of hands
and far too many teeth

i wouldn’t remove them at the front door anyway
appease a man in a jacket
or look away

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 5)

I got dressed up and walked around Oakland with no purpose. I got dressed up and thought I am giving this coat a test drive. I got dressed up and walked alone and then finished a novel while sitting in a mausoleum. I got dressed up and took the train and wandered over to old haunts which were closed early for Sunday and looked into the windows and saw the reflection of my outfit. I got dressed up and went out and didn’t know where I was going and it didn’t matter.

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I Will Always Be In Love (Day 4)

Feeling like the finest nun in the convent.
Feeling like everything is god, like I want to marry everything.

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 3)

Sexting via pataphor. Can you handle my allegory?
Get your dictionary out babe, I’m flirting with you.

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 2)

I can’t take a hint. Blind for nonsense, and eyes vulcanic. Feverish cheeks swell and my face illuminates yours. I want it to unfold but I won’t make it this time.

Oily glaciers swirl, and burning air, climbing up steep trails of those pebbles. Swaying, stumbling, swallowing with a closing throat. Like you blew the pilot out.

Surveying to compare, conjure: a statue, swan, palm, Sunday afternoon with crosswords for covers.