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Prose Influence

Barthelme, Pynchon, DeLillo, Nabokov, West, and Bellow are my models for the ideal prose. They write with a playful irreverence. Their prose can explode into long sentences of baroque language, but they can also reach the same depths in a short order of simple words. Their style isn’t based on esoteric vocabulary but on a strategy of word choice that finds the perfect complement of meaning, sound, rhythm, and aesthetic appearance on the page. It’s a coherence of style that you can trace through sentence, paragraph, chapter, and book.

What is postmodernism?

In the postmodern novel, truth is nonexistent–or at least unknowable. Genre rules are playthings, adhered to with zealous abandon or thrown away in fits of madness. Low art rises above high art because their products and images contain more meaning, more power and destruction with every swing, because mainstream society has a stronger familiarity with new genres than with classical forms. Above all, there is a self-awareness that never let’s the reader forget that he is being manipulated, that story is an artifice.

Blue in Green

I thought about re-writing this, making it cleaner, getting rid of the typos, but this was the first page of my first notebook that I actually managed to update regularly. It marks a special time in my life when I finally got down to making my aspirations as a writer a reality. So here it is, flaws and all: