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Dialing 0 Was Always The Answer by Katherine Osborne

Dialing 0 Was Always The Answer

not to get too technical
but I imagine you sighing afterward
the whole mercy of it, down the line
like when your body is pressed
too hard at the optometrist office
you know it’s not right but

you trust the man holding
the clipboard, I don’t think of you
holding a clipboard but you would
in this scene where you tell me
to look for the green dot and I get
it right but it feels like guessing.

or when I was sixteen and I called
the operator to ask what time it
was because I was lonely. my high

school boyfriend asked
why didn’t you call me

the operator said, “I’m not supposed

to do this, but I have your number.
Can I call after work?” And he did.
I hung up on him and buried that
phone under mankind itself. I am
a perpetual seventeen-year-old
leaning against the wall, I’ll do what
you want; skip class, climb in your
I’ll do everything because
I can’t stand not knowing,
I just
wanted forgiveness to feel like this

for it to feel like this.

About Katherine Osborne

Katherine Osborne is a writer in Massachusetts and editor of Little River. Her writing has been published in Log II, Quarter, and Cyberhex. Her poetry, e-books, and the poems of other writers and artists that she loves can be found on kdecember.tumblr.com.

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