duende is a little gnome that lives inside of every good poem. duende has green skin & smells like death. when a poet writes a poem & duende decides to live in it the poet has no choice but to let duende unpack his things & move in. duende has many boxes of knives. duende will stay indefinitely until the neighbors can’t remember what the poet was like without duende & until the neighbors wonder if the poet could even be without duende. duende washes his sheets twice a year because duende likes stains. duende never comes when called. duende jumps up & down & scratches things. duende makes people cry. duende remembers the way the poet’s mother’s hands looked folded in prayer in church with her rings & the stained glass & that’s why the poet keeps duende around.

About Katie Foster

Katie Foster is a student at Bennington College. She can be found on Tumblr.

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