End Times

I am a bridal registry at a sex shop.
You are a plane crash.
I am the dental records used to identify your corpse.
Our teeth are the same, you know.
All teeth are the same, you know.
I am counting stitches in my arm
over and over because I keep forgetting
Where I left off.
You owe me fifty dollars
but I would settle for a phone call.
I tried to unravel your sweater
and I am sorry.
You have taken to drinking alone
On Tuesday nights.
There is nothing but static when I turn on the television.
There is a bird outside my window
that I have the vague urge to strangle.
You have never shot a gun
and I sleep with a rifle next to my bed
in case you come back.
Please come back.

About Amy Saul-Zerby

Amy Saul-Zerby is the author of two poetry collections, 10 Seconds in Heaven and Small Fires. She has been published in Metazen, Have U Seen My Whale, and Sunlit. She can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

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