everybody’s like

everybody’s like seriously tho i’m addicted to avocados
i’m like look how cute my dog is
everybody’s like i just wish every meal was brunch
and omg beyonce
i’m like wow i pet a dog on the head today and it was great
everybody’s like high-waisted jeans are the only thing i even wear anymore lol
i’m like if there is a dog then we are going to be friends
everybody’s like i fucking LOVE hot yoga!
i’m like DOGS ARE REAL
everybody’s like i’m so goth it’s insane
and same
i’m like there aren’t even any dogs at this party i’m going home
everybody’s like any xanax
i’m like any dogs
everybody’s like fuck i’m hungover let’s get brunch
i’m like dogs bro

About Emily Elizabeth Scott

Emily Elizabeth Scott lives in Maine. She is the administrative director of Boost House. She has been published in Plain Wrap Press and The Mall. She can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

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